This years Christmas Outing took place in Middleton. The day started with a trip to Middleton Arena to see the Pantomime Aladdin. This was a traditional panto and while it was enjoyed by everyone the younger members of the party were the most enthusiastic and I’m sure there were a few sore throats after the performance.

We then moved to Middleton Masonic Club where the first order of business was a tour of the Lodge room. The offices were filled by the Mums and Young People and all seemed to enjoy the brief presentation, the questions flew thick and fast and it was only the fact that dinner was served that brought the proceedings to a close. During and after dinner entertainment was provided by Kevin ‘Huggy’ Hawley who is an old friend of the YPC. There was Karaoke, and music for dancing with everyone joining in the Hokey Cokey and the Conga.

Roger Tinker, our Chairman, presented a thank you letter to WBro Richard Riley who was somewhat reluctantly retiring from the committee for health reasons. Richard was also one of the winners of the quiz so a somewhat mixed day 😊

At the end of the evening the young people were presented with the traditional selection box and went home expressing their thanks for a very enjoyable day.