Provincial Grand Charity Steward

Bob Findley – Provincial Grand Charity Steward

The current Provincial Grand Charity Steward is Bob Findley. Bob was appointed to the role in March, 2021. His duties are varied, although he admits to them being very pleasant. His role is to encourage Freemasons from across the Province of East Lancashire to have charity at the very heart of their Freemasonry, and to help to decide which good causes should benefit from the charitable donations of Freemasons. Bob says that the most pleasant part of his duties is visiting some of the organisations which have benefited from the grants to hand over cheques.

Bob is well supported in his duties by the Charity Stewards in every Lodge and District throughout the Province of East Lancashire Province. In turn, those Charity Stewards share the role within their Districts and their Lodges by encouraging giving, deciding upon which groups should receive their charitable donations, and handing over the donations to those charities and good causes.

Bob Findley

Provincial Grand Charity Steward

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