The ELMC contains a number of different committees that meet to discuss a variety of different areas of the charity.

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Benevolence Committee

The Committee of Benevolence consists of a representative of each of the Districts in the Masonic Province of East Lancashire together with other members nominated by the President or the Board.

Comfort Funds

The prime function of the Comforts Fund Committee is to support the day to day work of the Committee of Benevolence by administering monetary gifts at Birthday and Christmas and organising social functions during the course of the year.

Young Peoples Committee

The Young People’s Sub-committee is a subcommittee of the Benevolence Committee. It arranges a traditional series of events for young people who are beneficiaries or associated with beneficiaries of the Charity.

Fund Raising Committee

A new Fundraising Committee has been established to promote, encourage and support future giving and donations by the Lodges, Chapters and Brethren to our own Provincial Charity, the ELMC.

Grant Making Committee

The Grant Making Committee Committee has replaced the Community Fund Committee. It considers applications and recommendations from Charity Stewards of Lodges and Chapters, and from District Charity Stewards for funds to support a charity or good cause which will benefit the local community.

The Investment Subcommittee

The aim of the Investment Committee is to maximise its long term return on the Charity’s investment funds.