The YPC Christmas event was held on the 30th December 2016. Seventeen Young People accompanied by fourteen parents / guardians joined some of the committee members and their wives to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Lyric Theatre in the Lowry Centre.

The group met in the concourse of the theatre for the matinee performance. Excitement was building as we assembled and our party renewed friendships and caught up on the news of how people had progressed at school or college since our last meeting. The show starring Jason Manford, Phil Jupitus and Claire Sweeney, was brilliant. The story had everybody laughing and the stage effects were amazing. At the end of the show it was a short walk within the Lowry to the Hexagon Bridge and Room that the committee had booked for the group to have a festive meal and party.

The room and tables had been decorated to match the festive mood, crackers and hats for everyone. Once the Young People had organised themselves into who was sitting where, and had put down the card with their menu selection, prepared by Paul, dinner service began. After the first course “Huggy” began taking requests for Karaoke. This group do not need cajoling or encouraging. Everybody wants to be included. Karaoke continued throughout the meal service after which everybody took to the dance floor.

At the end of the party it was time for goodbyes well wishing for the New Year and hopes that everybody progressed at school or college during the next year.

The Young People’s Committee could not have put together the event without the help and generosity of a number of people. Our gratitude goes to WBro Kevin “Huggy” Hawley, his son Sam (Black Diamond Disco) and helper Bill for running the Karaoke, games, dancing, equipment, lighting and  balloons at no charge.  Thanks also to Tracy and Charlie who led the team in the Hexagon Room at the Lowry, the catering staff for the quality of the food. Thanks to committee members for providing transport to and from the venue. Finally thanks to Karen Hall for all of her work in organising the tickets, ensuring the Young People and their parents / guardians were aware of the itinerary for the event and liaising with the administration at the Lowry for the minutiae of detail they required to organise the event.