Eighteen Young People accompanied by fifteen Parents / Guardians accepted the Young People’s Committees invitation to attend a matinee performance of Shrek the Musical at the Palace Theatre,  followed by a meal and Karaoke at Don Giovanni’s Restaurant, Oxford Street Manchester.

Everybody arrived on-time at the meeting point in the Palace Theatre and following the distribution of tickets by Karen all took their seats for the performance. At the interval all enjoyed the ice creams and talked excitedly about the first half and expectations for the second part. Shrek the Musical is a family friendly show with humour on all levels to keep the youngest and oldest in the audience entertained throughout. Everybody in the group enjoyed the performance and the shared experience of being in a group of friends.

At the end  of the performance all gathered at the meeting point outside the Theatre for the short walk to Don Giovanni’s Restaurant. The meal and Karaoke were in the Function Room at the rear of the restaurant . The room had been lit by “Black Diamond Disco” creating a party atmosphere from the outset of the evening.

At the Restaurant all of the guests were busy talking about Shrek , renewing friendships and determining table companions. Karen had written out the meal choice of all of the attendees to put on the table. This helped Gabriella, who was in charge of the Function Room on the evening, and her staff to ensure everybody got their meal of choice.

After the first course had been served the entertainment began. The Young People don’t need encouragement to participate in Karaoke. Even the youngest of the group impressed with a faultless rendition of a Taylor Swift track, Shake it off. The Girls took the lead on some tracks only to be challenged by the Boys on the rock tunes of Queen. Committee members were pressed into participation of Gangnam Style and other dance routines which some of us had never heard of.

At the end of the evening all of the Young People received a selection box and a TLC Bear dressed in a YPC sweater designed and made by Karen Hall.

The Young People’s Committee could not have put together the event without the help and generosity of a number of people. Firstly our gratitude goes to WBro Kevin “Huggy” Hawley and his son Sam (Black Diamond Disco) for stepping in at the last minute to provide the Karaoke equipment, lighting and  balloons at no charge.  Secondly thanks go to Gabriella and her team at Don Giovanni’s for excellent service and finally to Karen Hall for all of her work in organising the tickets, ensuring the Young People and their Parents / guardians were aware of the itinerary for the event and creating a YPC version of TLC Bear.



TLC Teddy with his friends at the restaurant with Christmas hat made from balloons.



TLC in the theatre



TLC in the theatre



TLC photo bombed by Shrek