In a poll carried at the summer event The Young People requested that we return to the Go-karting venue for the Christmas Party. So on the 30th December seventeen Young People accompanied by ten parents and five committee members met at Prestige Karting, Colne. The venue hosts two activities, Go- karting and Laser Battle Arena.  The afternoon was arranged that each Young Person would have at least two sessions on the racetrack and two sessions in the Arena. By mutual consent the Young People organised the division into two teams. After the safety briefing for the Go-karting and Laser Battle activities the activities began.

Although the participants tend to abide by the track safety rules, Go-karting is a ‘no quarter given’ activity. Each ten minute session is frenetic. Each contestant is tasked with achieving the fastest lap times in order to reach the Final. It is difficult to find any clear track when there are another nine participants trying to out-brake you into every corner, take your track space at the chicane. Fortunately each kart has an identity chip and track times and positions are constantly updated on the screen display.




Committee member Dennis Heskett with TLC Bear





 The Winners


In between the rounds of karting each team took its turn in the Laser Battle Arena. The Arena is a maze of ramparts, bulwarks and loopholes, it is dimly lit and in areas smoke (dry ice) is pumped in to further reduce visibility. Battle Arena is an individual task. Each player wears a combat jacket that has laser sensors attached and a laser rifle connected to a control pack. Participants gain points for each target they hit on another contestant and lose points for each time they are hit. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the session.



New Committee member Gary O’Neill prepares for action…



…As does TLC Bear


The last event of the afternoon is the Karting Grand Final. The ten participants with the best lap times during the afternoon battle it out for the honour of being the overall champion.

After the awarding of the prizes everybody travelled the short distance to Carlo’s Restaurant for the Christmas Party.  Everybody enjoyed a three course Italian meal and drinks. The service and quality of the meal was excellent. During the course of the meal we were amazed by the sleight of hand and mystifying illusions created by W. Bro Peter Dean, Sunnyhurst Lodge 4631, and his colleague, Donald Monk. All of the audience are still wondering how did  they do that.



The table magician with TLC at the restaurant


After the meal, the table magic and having received a selection box all the children said their farewells and were escorted to their transport to wend their weary way home.

Thanks are due to Dennis Hekett for organising the event, Karen Hall for managing the invites, responses and allocating transport, Peter Dean and his colleague, Prestige Karting and Carlo’s Restaurant.