A Winning Formula

In recent years the YPC have made two Christmas visits to Pennine Karting followed by a meal at Carlos in Colne.

Go Karting and Laser Battle followed by Pizza, Pasta and dessert has been a favourite destination for our Young People. Why change a winning formula.

On Thursday 28th December 2017, twenty three Young People, accompanied by fourteen parents / guardians joined the committee at Pennine Go-Karting, Colne, for a two hour session of Karting and Laser Battle.

The event always brings out the competitive spirit amongst our Young People both on the track and in the battle arena.


The Go-karting is run over a series of heats, each of twenty minutes to determine the fastest ten competitors. Finals consist of a cup race to decide the fastest overall and a plate completion to find the fastest of the rest.

The Laser Quest is held on an individual level. In reality it’s a free for all and the winner is basically the last person standing.

Before leaving Pennine there was a Christmas Quiz. Mention a quiz and everybody gets onto the internet. The quiz was competitive and after sifting through the answer winners were announced. Several recounts later the winners were declared.

After the events at Pennine we made our way to Carlos Restaurant. The service and food was as usual outstanding. After the meal and selection boxes distributed it was time for goodbyes and well wishes for the New Year.