When the YPC sent out invitations asking if the Young People wanted to come to a performance of Mama Mia the response was a resounding “ I do, I do, I do, I do, I do “. On the 1st June sixteen Young People accompanied by a parent / guardian met at the Peking Court, Princess Street to enjoy a buffet meal. When everybody had eaten and “ When all is said and done” it was time to walk round to the Palace Theatre in time to take our seats before the performance.

The show was fantastic it was like being in a “Dream world”. Everybody was enthusiastic in their enjoyment of the singing and dancing. The first act passed too quickly. After an ice cream at the interval everyone was “As good as new” and ready and eager for the second act. At the finale everybody was on their feet and ready to “Dance ( while the music still goes on)”.

At the end of the show with everybody feeling that they had won their own “Waterloo” it was time say goodbye “The way old friends do” .

Thanks to Karen Hall for organising the invites, tickets and handling the transport logistics and all of the committee members who helped on the day. Thanks also to the Peking Court for keeping the food coming and service.