All recent visitors to Hewlett Court will have seen or heard the new Grand Piano situated under the main staircase. When Douglas Warrington the current SW of Egerton Lodge 1392 was asked if he knew of anyone who could make use of this beautiful piano he had only one place in mind “Hewlett Court”.

The Piano is now in position and it is already proving very popular with the residents.

Bro Douglas Warrington (SW) playing the piano alongside the WM of Egerton Lodge 1392 Bro Stephen Chadwick


A member of the Hewlett Court team said “it is a beautiful new addition to Hewlett Court and we can’t thank Chris and Christine Gorton enough for donating the piano, and Douglas Warrington for suggesting it being donated here, the residents have already been playing a few tunes on it which is lovely to hear”.



On receiving a personal thank you for their kind donation Christine Gorton replied, “The piano has been part of our family for many years and it is comforting for us to know people will get hours of pleasure from the piano for many years to come”


Report and Pictures by

Craig Hindle.