WBro Chad Northcott, APGM and Chairman of the ELMC attended the Friends of Ecclesholme Benevolent Committee met at Ecclesholme on 25th March 2018. Chad had a pleasant duty to do when he presented a cheque from the ELMC for £4000. He also took the opportunity to spend some time with one of the residents there, well known to many East Lancashire brethren, Robert Bell.

Ecclesholme itself is one of the RMBI’s Care Homes, very successfully managed by Beverly Nyland. The home provides residential, nursing, dementia and end of life care. The home has an excellent relationship with our own Hewlett Court. Hewlett Court is a luxurious sheltered accommodation facility but doesn’t offer care, so when any of our residents develop a need for care, many choose to move to the excellent environment and service offered by Ecclesholme. Ecclesholme has recently flown through its CQC inspection, Salford Council’s three-day inspection, and Environmental Health, Health Watch England, Health Watch Salford and Infection Control Inspections. The kitchens have also had their 5 Star rating renewed. Ecclesholme will shortly be receiving refurbishment work to the dining areas and ground floor facilities.

The Friends of Ecclesholme add to the wellbeing of residents in many ways, including financing entertainment for the Residents through its Amenities Fund, financing Music Therapy to the tune of circa £12K per year and working on special projects offering additional facilities for the residents. You can see more about the Friends at http://www.pglel.co.uk/ecclesholme/

Friends of Ecclesholme Benevolent Committee

Stan Bibby, Chad Northcott and Bev Nyland