The Eastern Area Assistant Charity Steward, Russ Perks, recently submitted an application to the ELMC, for a Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) grant for Rochdale Urgent Care Centre, which was approved very quickly. The Rochdale Urgent Care Centre at Rochdale Infirmary replaced the Walk-in Centre at the Accident & Emergency Department. It provides treatment for people with injuries and illness, supporting around 240.000 residents of the communities of Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton and even some parts of Lancashire.

A hospital visit can be frightening experience for a young child and the Teddies for Loving Care initiative provides unique cuddly bears to the A&E departments for the medical staff to give to young children to help calm them down or help reduce the shock and distress of their experience, and they can also be used to reward them for being brave.

On Friday 5th May, Russ Perks made the short journey to deliver the teddies to Rochdale Urgent Care Centre, where he met Carolyn, one of the managers of the centre and some of the staff. The teddies was so well received by the staff they all wanted their picture taken with their new friends. Caroyln said how grateful they all were at the Urgent Care Centre to the ELMC and the Eastern Area Freemasons, and how these would certainly help to put a smile on children who are upset when attending the Care Centre.