West Pennine Slings, is group that is based in Darwen which is run entirely by volunteers.

The organisation aims to make it easy for parents to “babywear”, through the use of slings. Studies have shown that the Carrying children has many proven health benefits both physically and emotionally. For mothers suffering from postnatal depression, a sling can be the tool which helps them to bond with their child.

The group also arranges regular sling meets, which allow families to get support and socialise in what can be a very isolating time in a parent’s life.

West Pennine slings wanted to establish a long term baby carrier hire project aimed at supporting disadvantaged families in the community. With families who are referred to them receiving support from one of their trained babywearing consultants, as well as the sling to use for as long as the family needs it.

With the support of East Ribble District, West Pennine Slings made a grant application to the East Lancashire Masonic Charity, who kindly provided a grant for £1,000 which has allowed them to purchase 20 slings for their project.