Report from the Young People’s Committee

This Easter we decided to change the format and instead of organising a trip to the Chill Factore we went Bowling.

On the afternoon of the 10th April 2016 we met at the AMF Bowling Bury, located in the Rock. There were twelve Young People accompanied by three parent / guardians and two committee members. Four lanes had been booked for three games to be played. Richard attempted to organise the players into teams but was too late. The Young People had already formed the teams which included parent / guardians and committee members. We suspect that this had been organised through social media before they arrived. A score rating system was agreed. This would be used to determine the overall winner and runner-up at the end of the session. The committee members and parent / guardians were told that the scoring system employed automatically excluded them from winning.

Let the games begin.

The Young People are extremely competitive. Everybody took to their lanes and the games began. Every gutter ball, especially if it was delivered by a committee member was met with derision. Equally every strike or hard fought spare met with a unified cheer. The games were played at a furious rate and in what seemed no time at all, in reality two and a half hours, the session finished. The winner and runner up were determined and presented with a Giant Easter Egg each. After which every Young Person was given an Easter Egg.

After the inevitable discussion of how everybody could have been the winner if that bowl had been in the centre of the lane. It was down one flight of stairs to the Chinese Buffet for an early evening meal, some relaxation and a chat with friends who had been on the opposing team.

Our thanks to Karen for making the bookings, sourcing the main prizes and the Easter Eggs, AMF Bowling and The Chinese Buffet.

bowling 5