A number of members of Southern Area Lodges and Chapters took part in the Open Day at Hewlett Court in July. In the main we manned a very popular Home Made Cake Stall and a small, but beautifully presented armchair of large TLC Teddy Bears.



Our APGM, John Pearson was, as ever, in the forefront of our activities, ably supported by John Cavanagh, the Chair of Audenshaw District, and Peter Douthwaite, the Chairman of Ashton & Mossley District. Between the three of them they oversaw the activities, sold the cakes, and coaxed passers by into buying one of the Teddy Bears. There is no need to provide a list of the others who turned up to assist in the day’s work, they know who they are, but here is a photograph to help their memories!



Nor must we forget to mention Tom Smith, a member of Lodge of Union based at Ashton, who was one of those hardy souls who took up the challenge and abseiled down the Peel Tower itself. Needless to say, we all stayed at Hewlett Court and supported Tom from afar, but we did all wish him well, and gave him a cheer on his triumphant return.



So, despite the fact that the World Cup organisers had made a serious mistake by scheduling one of England’s key matches on the same day, those who were there will not forget a very hot day when we sold cakes, sold bears, jumped off a very tall tower and generally had a wonderful time.


Words and Photographs © Kevin Hall, Ashton & Mossley DCO