Report by Isaac Roberts


When we got to the stadium it was amazing. Sale sharks vs Montpellier. The atmosphere was great and everyone was happy. A lot of us came to the game (ha that rhymes) including my self and granddad who live for the game. We were really surprised when we found out that our tickets said “West stand box”.

As we didn’t know where this was or how to get there, I went up to one of the stadium stewards, who was very polite to us to ask him where we go. He told us to go into the main glass entrance (the one that I never thought I would be able to go in). At this point our whole group was really excited and eager to watch the game. We got to the top floor of the stadium where all the private boxes are located.

We went in our allocated box and it was just amazing, the room looked extremely clean and modern (fit for the finest rugby players), fitted with tables and a bar for everyone. A glass wall covered the end of the box, looking out onto the pitch, exactly on the half way line. you were able to go out of the room and sit on the viewing chairs, not just looking over at the pitch, but the whole stadium including the sub players, all the fans and all the reporters who didn’t get a seat as good as mine.

When we were in the room before the match, me and my friend noticed someone in the corner. It was Mark Cueto MBE, one of the greatest players Sale Sharks had ever had (other than Sebastien Chabal that is) we were so excited to meet him and got a picture taken with him and the rugby league player Josh Charnley who had just signed on for Sale Sharks.

It was such a great experience and we are so thankful for getting this opportunity. Thank you to all those who helped get the tickets, was a game I will never forget.


Isaac is one of the Beneficiaries of the ELMC Young Peoples Committee