There is an old (and wholly irreverent) quip along the lines of it being possible to have the Mayor at the formal opening of a window. However it is fact that on Monday 5th March, the Mayor of Bury, Cllr Dorothy Gunther was at the formal opening of a wall in the Town Hall. This particular wall was a very special wall.

The wall is next to the formal entrance to the Town Hall and for many years to come, it will act as a recognition of the many organisations that support the Mayor’s Charity – and one of the organisations which is at the front of that list is the East Lancs Masonic Charity.

The formal entrance to the Town Hall has been re-vamped, and the photo shows an artist’s impression of the south wall of the main entrance hall as guests ascend the main staircase. Each year, there will be more “shields” put on the ribbons showing the people and organisations which are the major donors for each year.  The ELMC will be one of the major donors and the ELMC shield will be on permanent display on one of the “ribbons” on the right side of the display.

ELMC’s Director of Operations Julie Ward and Bury Charity Steward Steve Clark were among the guests who were invited to the formal opening of the wall. While there, Julie met up with Bro Graham Croston from St John Lodge 191. Graham’s company GJ Plastics was the manufacturer and installer of the wall.