Over the past seven years Oldham District Freemasons have been involved in many projects within the community.  This year’s project was Oldham Sea Cadets where young boys and girls are taught seamanship, mechanical and electrical engineering plus computer skills to a very high standard.

The Sea Cadets Commander, Philip Maycock, has converted what was a medical centre into a wonderful Sea Cadets training centre with rooms dedicated to running static engines with bilge pumps attached, computer rooms, officers’ rooms etc.

Many of the training courses involve hands on approach, especially on the engine strip down and rebuild, which as we all know can be very dirty but the centre did not have showers for the students.


04 Picture 1

WBro Eddie Baines


WBro Eddie Baines after visiting the centre submitted a plan to improve the facilities to the Chairman WBro David Dunn, and after several discussions the finished plan was submitted to ELMC.

The project received the go ahead and the work commenced on the 9th April and was completed on 12th May.

The finished plan consisted of constructing a shower room containing three cubicles with an electric shower in each cubicle and the whole room was finished in white tiles.

The corridor leading to the shower room which had bare plasterboard was wallpapered and emulsioned and all woodwork was given several coats of paint bringing all the facilities upto a very high standard.


04 picture 204 Picture 3

Shower cubicles completed


WBro Baines, District Project Manager, wishes to thank the following brethren for their support with the project, David Dunn District Chairman, Steven Graham Charity Steward, Stuart Booth, David Clayton, Peter Hawksworth, Les Taylor (District Deputy Chairman), John LeBrun, James Beecroft, and Mr Philip Maycock the Commander for his part in the work.