Press Release

Lancashire Youth Brass Band are preparing for an exciting 4-day tour to Jersey from Friday 19th – Monday 22nd July.

The long-anticipated tour will see more than 30 youngsters take to the stage to delight audiences, made up of Jersey residents and holiday makers. Alongside the musical opportunities, the youngsters will enjoy working together as a team, building confidence, and learning valuable life skills. The band will perform at Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre, Howard Davis Park and Maison Des Landes, and will take part in a festival at the Jersey Arts Centre, working with local young people. The band has an exciting programme of music to perform, including marches, film music, rock and pop arrangements, solos from some of the most experienced players, and the highlight will be an arrangement of Bill Whelan’s “Riverdance”.

The band are most grateful to East Lancashire Masonic Charity whose generous sponsorship of £2,000 has helped enormously with the cost of the flights, making the tour affordable for parents of players in the band, several who have more than one child taking part. A tour such as this is so valuable to the young people and will live on in their memories for many years to come!

Helen Minshall, Musical Director, Lancashire Youth Brass Band