On the 7th November we arranged a surprise party for Julie Ward’s 50th!!! Yes folks we can’t believe it either!!!! The weeks prior took a lot of planning in secret so Julie wouldn’t suspect anything. Trust me when I say nothing gets past Julie!!!! So it was like running the secret service.  We didn’t inform the residents till the Thursday evening so there were no slip ups.

On the morning of Julie’s 50th we all had our party mood heads on. The music was playing, all the staff were decorating the lounge area and reception. Mel and Mariya were busy in the kitchen preparing the buffet and we all had our party clothes on.

Julie was arriving at 12.30pm so all the residents and guests needed to be at Hewlett Court for around 12pm. Attending were some of Julie.s close work colleagues from the Provincial  office, committee members,  aswell as Paul Rose and Derek Thornhill. Sir David came to wish Julie Many Happy Returns of the day too.

The time grew nearer and everything ran like clockwork. All the residents were in the lounge and all Julie’s close friends and work colleagues were there.
Julie and Charles arrived just after 12.30pm, surprise and shock  were an understatement.  The champagne popped and the Asti flowed. The party had must definitely started. The buffet was open, Julie mingled around her guests and chatted.

Then it was time for the cake, and what a cake it was. Made by our very own Mariya, the weekend cook. Wow it was beautiful. Everyone sang happy birthday and Julie blew the candles out.

Julie then made a speech thanking everyone for attending her birthday and for all the lovely cards and presents. Then the party really got started…..
All the residents and staff were up dancing to party songs the atmosphere was electric, everyone had a ball.

I’m sure you are all in agreement when I say,  Mrs Julie Ward certainly looks nifty at 50!!!!!!!!

birthday_1 birthday_2 birthday_3 birthday_4