Following a request from Hewlett Court to help in replacing the Pergola which had become unsafe three districts joined together namely Burnley & Pendle, East Ribble and Salford, all donating £500 towards making it happen. The request was also supported by ELMC & the Comforts Fund.
Finally, after much negotiation  the Deputy Chairman of Burnley and Pendle placed the order after approval by everyone, including the residents at Hewlett Court. Much fun was had in receiving it and erecting the summerhouse.


As you can see the Summerhouse arrived and required moving manually into the central courtyard and here we see the members who did this, namely  Bros. Stuart Metcalfe, Jonathan Jackson, Jeff Ward, “Big Mick” (from Hewlett Court) & Mike Stubbs.


After the foundations were laid by the Chairman & Deputy Chairman of Burnley & Pendle the Summerhouse was ready to be built the following week,  great fun (though at times frustrating) was had by all on a hot sunny Sunday.



Our photos show the Chairmen of Burnley & Pendle & East Ribble together with Deputy Chairman of Burnley and Pendle & the East Ribble Assistant Charity Steward. The group was well supervised by the Chairman of the Comforts Fund and amply nourished with plenty of tea, coffee soup and hot beef sandwiches (thank you Allison & Debs).


The  hand-over will take place on the evening of 8th October.