St Thomas’s Centre is a school in Darwen, whose students have experienced difficulties in mainstream education, due to their specific medical, social, emotional or behavioural needs.

The school has been introduced gardening into the school curriculum to provide pupils with essential life skills, whilst them getting active and developing them as more flexible thinkers. To achieve this the school has obtained allotments, which as well a providing education, also provide food to disadvantaged families as well as allowing the pupil’s families to become involved in horticulture too.

One of the teachers at the School, Adelle Brown contact the East Ribble District Charity Steward Mike Stubbs to see what help her local Freemasons could give. As part of the curriculum Adelle had already identified that they needed horticultural supplies, a shed, water butts, top soil and compost and even children’s wellingtons.

An application was made to the East Lancashire Masonic Charity, and St Thomas’ School was given a grant, approved by the Committee of Benevolence,  for the sum of £2097.76 from the Margaret Kay Educational Fund.

Article and image: East Ribble District Team