Chairman of the ELMC’s Fundraising Committee, Stephen Thomson took on the unusual step to not shave or have a haircut for an entire year to remain proactive during the Covid-19 lockdown back in 2020.

However, due to the extended period of lockdown, Steve has decided to wait to brave the shave until our ELMC Sponsored Walk event on Sunday 25th July 2021! Steve will be parting with his new beard and hair-do after the walk has been complete along with a celebratory BBQ and refreshments.

So far, Steve has managed to raise a fantastic £1,220 for the East Lancashire Masonic Charity and thanks all for their generous donations.

Steve is looking for as much support as possible with his endeavour, so please visit his Just Giving page at to make a donation today.

Chairman of the ELMC Fundraising Committee, Steve Thomson, in various stages of hairiness

Steve, who is usually clean shaven and wears his hair short, explained that fundraising was proving extremely difficult during the COVID crisis, “Without the opportunity to organise social events and with all Lodge meetings suspended, this looks to be a very grim season for us”.   

Of course, the ELMC is busier than ever with all it’s regular costs to meet along with new costs for extra COVID precautions at Hewlett Court and the implementation of a special COVID relief fund for community projects. 

“When the lockdown began in March 2020, it was impossible to get a haircut and I simply stopped shaving because I couldn’t go out” Steve added, “but as time went on the idea developed and I decided to set myself a little challenge”.

“Remember,” Steve quipped, “this offer is only available whilst locks last”.