n the latter part of last year the Bury District applied for a grant from the Community Fund in support of the Bury Amateur Boxing Club. The application for a grant of £1,000 was successful and so WBro Norman Cope, APGM, WBro Steve Barton, District Chairman and WBro Derek Calrow of the Prince of Wales Lodge, 1012 were pleased to call in at the club to meet some of the young boxers and the Club Coach/Manager, Mike Jelley.



WBros Cope, Calrow and Barton are surrounded by young Boxers of the future, together with their coaches at each end


Mike Jelley took over as manager/coach from his father who had originally started the club and at the moment they have quite a strong membership as the picture shows. However, having already had several location moves during their history they are under constant threat of having to vacate their building and search for a new home.

Several of the lads have already been winners in various tournaments and when we met them confidence in their abilities was very obvious. The club meets twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings, with two sessions each evening.



Two of the club Members in action