Future Events

At the “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” event, July 1st 2017, some of the “Young People” asked if the YPC could organise a challenge as part of our calendar of events in 2018. “Why don’t we abseil down that” was the suggestion. The prominent structure visible from Hewlett Court is Peel Tower.

The Tower is available to hire for abseiling and we have arranged a date Saturday July 7th 2018 for the event.

What started as a challenge for the YPC has grown into a day to promote and celebrate the support that East Lancashire Freemasons and Freemasonry nationally have given to young people. The abseil has now evolved into an open day at which we are asking for support from the Districts.

Your District can help us in a number of ways:

Firstly the YPC can provide a space for each District to promote the projects and donations they have made for Young Peoples’ organisations or individuals. Nineteen of the thirty five organisations supported by the Grant Making Committee in 2016 were for projects proposed by Districts for the benefit of Young People. Each District and individual Lodges will have provided funds and practical aid to many other organisations and individuals. The Open Day will enable East Lancashire Freemasons to collectively show their support of Young People throughout the Province.

Secondly, the Abseil is an opportunity to raise funds for the ELMC and other causes. We are looking for volunteers to join us in going over the top and abseiling down the Tower. The Tower is a unique abseil opportunity. Located at the top of Holcombe Hill the 128ft descent gives fantastic vistas of the surrounding area, Bury, Bolton and Manchester are clearly visible, if you can look. All volunteers are welcome. There is no age restriction, although it might not be suitable to those under ten years. Whilst we are suggesting that Freemasons make their sponsorship for the benefit of the ELMC we recognise that any non-masons may wish to support their own good causes.

Could you please let the YPC know if you can support us on the day.

Please contact:

Roger Tinker – Chairman ELMC Young Peoples’ Committee



Karen Hall – Administrative Officer, ELMC


01204 887531

Sponsor forms will shortly be available