The brethren of Cornucopia Lodge 4553 in Manchester City Sykes District know how to do things in style.

Their February meeting saw them initiate three brothers into their Lodge in the same ceremony. The new brothers, Shariq Poonawala, Alexander Bayfield and Wojtek Krol were initiated into Freemasonry in a superbly choreographed ceremony which involved a great many members of the Lodge. If anyone wants to see how to initiate three men in one evening, visit them at their March meeting when they are initiating another three men at the same time!

Not only was this a special evening for their new Brethren, it was a special evening for the Lodge, the District, and the Province. Cornucopia Lodge became the first Lodge in East Lancashire to have every single brother in the Lodge being a Friend of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity. To be a Friend of the ELMC, a Brother has to either pay or commit to pay a minimum of £60 per year. The brethren of Cornucopia Lodge all committed to be Friends of the Charity thanks to the encouragement of Darren Kennedy who was the Worshipful Master last year.

The APGM for Manchester Area, Mark Davis attended the Lodge along with the Provincial Charity Steward Steve Clark, District Charity Steward Steve Thompson, District Chairman Chris Wildman and other District Officers to celebrate the Lodge being the first to achieve that distinction and to present them with a certificate to acknowledge their commitment to the ELMC.

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