This evening, Tuesday 28th February, the District Chairman, WBro Steve Barton PProvJGW was invited to attend a leaf evening at Rossendale Hospice.


So what is a leaf evening?

Rossendale Hospice have in their reception a golden tree, if a person or organisation donates more than £1000 to the hospice then they have a leaf engraved with their name placed on the tree. The contributors are invited to visit the hospice for a tour to see what fantastic use the donations are being put to.



The Hospice, in basic terms provides help and support to people with life limiting illness and those who care for them. They aim to improve the quality of life of their patients through expert nursing care, compassion, understanding, emotional and psychological support.

They have day therapy services, bereavement counselling, complementary thearpies, advanced care planning and many other services all housed in beautiful, modern surroundings. They also provide home care.

As you can imagine this all costs money. The Hospice is funded to the total of £200,000 p.a.. It costs £900.000 p.a. to provide this service. They are totally reliant on donations.

We, the Bury District Masons and the Rossendale District Masons before us have donated over the years tens of thousands of pounds to the Hospice and they deserve our ongoing support as do all hospices.

I for one am proud to shout our support for such charities.


Steve Barton1