A series of donations have been made over recent months from the East Lancashire Masonic Community Fund (ELMC) to local Manchester organisations.

The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre, The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and The South Manchester 123rd Scout Group have all been recipients of donations.

The District Chairman for City Derby District David Hudson and Charity Steward Mo Afsa planned a series of visits to these organisations to both hand over cheques and also meet the people connected with the important and varied work that they all carry out.
On the visit to the Genesis Breast Cancer Centre, Russell Conn DORA was also present and they met with Louise Parker, Charity Manager who received the cheque for £500 WBro Mo Afsa , explaining that the money would assist them in the production of important literature saying “We are extremely grateful to the Freemasons for their kind donation”



EComp Russel Conn, WBro Mo Afsa, Louise Parker and Researcher into Breast Surgery Dr Stefanie Pohlmann



Fundraising Officer’s L to R Caroline Bennison, Kirst Gilman and Tom Allen



The Genesis Centre Shop


On the visit to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital David and Mo were joined by District Secretary Mel Rosenthal and Gordon Desser the Teddies for Loving Care Co-Ordinator arrived with a supply of Teddy Bears for the Children.
Approximately 200,000 children and young people attend the hospital each year to receive specialist healthcare services from the North West, as well as nationally and internationally.  The hospital specialises in, oncology, haematology, bone marrow transplant, burns, genetics, and orthopaedics.
During their visit the District Officers were given a presentation by Susan Fairclough who is the Manager responsible for the work carried out by Therapeutic and Specialist Play Service Team.  The District Officers were introduced to a six year girl called Paige who is receiving treatment for cancer.  Gordon Desser presented Paige with a Teddy for Loving Care Bear.
Afterwards the Brethren were given a tour of the Therapeutic Area and the photographs illustrate how they enjoyed themselves!



Susan Fairclough with WBros Desser and Rosenthal



Presentation of Teddy Bears to Paige and staff members



Outside play area


For the visit to the South Manchester 123rd Scout Group David and Mo were joined by Mel Rosenthal, District Secretary and they handed over a cheque for £250.  The group meet on Monday evening under the leadership of Scout leader Will Leggatt.  The Scout Hut is in the process of being renovated and the donation will go towards the upgrade of the kitchen.



WBro Mo Afsa and WBro Mel Rosenthal with members of the South Manchester Scout Group handing over the cheque