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Brian Reynolds, Ashton & Mossley Charity Steward, presenting the cheque to one of the YAT Staff, whilst activities go on in the background


Youth Adventure Tameside (YAT) received a generous grant recently. £1,930 has been donated by the Ashton & Mossley Masonic lodges, which will allow the group to buy some much needed equipment. The donation came after Brian Reynolds, Ashton & Mossley District Freemasons Charity Steward, heard about the group from Emily Moore, who was working towards her Duke of Edinburgh gold award with them. She asked the local Freemasons for help and the request was passed along to the Community Fund of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity, which is able to give out more substantial grants.

Finally Brian presented the cheque on behalf of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity Community Fund to Youth Adventure Tameside. Speaking on behalf of the local Freemasons, Brian said, “We will always do our best to help the young people of the East Lancashire Province.”

Youth Adventure Tameside celebrated their 40th anniversary last year and has traditionally shied away from such donations, but were very grateful for the generous grant. The group have provided more than 22,000 places to youngsters from Tameside and have been running the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards for the past ten years. The expedition part of the awards can be achieved in a variety of ways such as hiking, canoeing or cycling with the gold award being done in wild country over 4 days and is a an excellent way for young people to enjoy the outdoors.


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Brian Reynolds and Alan Stoll with two of the recipents of the Community Fund grant