The Comforts Fund Committee organised this year’s Spring Party at Middleton Masonic Hall on Wednesday 8 April 2015.  The event was supported by the President of the ELMC, Sir David Trippier and his wife, along with a number of Officers of the ELMC and Assistant Provincial Grand Master’s and their partners.

WBro Charles Ward and his Committee members greeted 100 guests of the Charity.  There were also a number of residents from Hewlett Court in attendance.

The afternoon commenced with a tea and biscuits reception followed by a three-course dinner.  After dinner entertained was provided by Besses Boys Band playing a variety of Big Band Music, Military Marches and some old favourites.

The band members were all extremely talented and very entertaining.

During the evening the committee members and officers were able to circulate and chat amongst the guests. Each guest was presented with a gift to remember the evening.

An excellent evening was enjoyed by all.


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