In February 2017 the ELMC Grants Committee approved a donation of £4950 to the Ashworth Valley Scout Camp.

Stuart Ashworth (Prince Edwin Lodge, No. 128) and his wife, are regular volunteers at the Camp, which not only caters for Scouts under the Pennine District, but also to the 26 Schools in the Area, Church Groups and Youth Organisations (also including disabled people). About 4500 people use the site each year.

The Grant was to fund the Installation of heating in the Ranch House Building. Hitherto there was no permanent heating, only a log fire in the middle of the room, which was lit when required. The rooms were becoming damp, with some rot. The floor is being replaced now the heating is installed.

ELMC Director of Operations, Julie Ward, with the Chairman of the Comforts Fund Committee (Charles) took great pleasure in visiting the site to view the finished facility.


Stuart Ashworth, Charles Ward, John Salisbury ( Camp Warden ) Julie Ward, John Carni  (Camp Chairman ), Steve Holland.